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Dr.Pedja Pavlovic Dr. Pedja Pavlovic

I was referred to Dr Pavlovic by my dentist during 2004...

My initial visit, I and very pleased to say that Dr Pavlovic and his receptionist and dental nurse, were extremely welcoming and friendly, immediately put me at ease albeit still very nervous about my consultation.

When I met Dr Pavlovic and his team for the first time , I was greeted with a smile and a handshake, to me that was very important, as I was in total fear of what was about to happen and be said about my teeth and gums.

My fears were unfounded I have found both Dr Pavlovic and his team to be extremely professional people, with their experience and people orientated skills, they have the ability to put patients at ease and ooze confidence.

Having gained my trust, through my regular appointments, Dr Pavlovic has changed my life, he did not make judgements but explained a course of treatment that if I followed would allow me to keep my teeth and improve my gums, as well as, giving me clear concise instructions for personal dental care.

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